While others rely on HMIs and stack lights to alert operators to machine condition, Intelligent Illumination™ proactively cues operators where attention is needed. With task-based lighting, Intelligent Illumination™ allows clear visibility to issues without consulting the HMI.

  • LED technology proactively cues operators where attention is needed with completely customizable colors
  • Task lighting illuminates the machine, allowing operators clear visibility to perform maintenance
  • Allows operators to perform basic upkeep without consulting the HMI

Identify and Service Issues Without Consulting the HMI

  • Low product level
  • Low case magazine
  • Jams
  • Tripped safety circuits


How It Works

  • The machine detects when attention is needed and immediately initiates the LEDs at that specific location to illuminate in a particular color.
  • The color not only alerts the operator to the machine condition, but directs them to the precise area that needs attention.
  • Once the operator has opened the guard door where the problem exists, the lighting within the machine turns to white task lighting, which allows proper visibility for the operator.
  • When in production and the machine requires no immediate attention, the machine displays soothing blue LED lighting.