Schneider palletizers incorporate FANUC robotics to create unique, flexible, and simple machines to meet your facility and production requirements. A wide range of factors come in to play when looking at upgrading the end of your line to an automated robotic palletizing system. Trust in our experience and the reliable robotics from FANUC to engineer the right solution for your project.
modular palletizer

Modular Palletizer (Robox)

The Schneider modular palletizer (Robox) is our most economical palletizing unit. With a compact footprint and five configurations, the modular palletizer (Robox) can easily adapt to changing layouts.

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integrated palletizer

Integrated Palletizer

For complex palletizing environments where multiple infeeds converge into a cell, a more customized approach might be required to meet your rate and space goals. A Schneider integrated palletizer is able to be fully automated with conveyors, dispensers, shuttle carts, and stretch wrapping.

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Centralized Palletizer

Schneider centralized palletizing systems are scalable and offer the combined benefits of overall warehouse traffic reduction, best utilization of valuable space, increased uptime with reduced complexity, and the ability to meet your demands as your business grows.

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Robots Rise to the Challenge

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Reliable Robots

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