ProAdjust® is an automated machine adjustment system featuring an easy-to-use hand-held interface driving power modules which make the adjustments. 

Nearly every modern manufacturer is looking for a way to cut out waste, wasted time…wasted material…wasted inventory…wasted labor. ProAdjust minimizes your waste.

ProAdjust by Schneider

  • Reduce lost production time wasted during machine adjustments
  • Accurately adjust the machine to eliminate wasted product during changeover
  • Reduce the complexity of your machine adjustment procedure, allowing your maintenance and production staff to focus on proactive preventative maintenance or cleaning

Customer Challenge 1

What is the best way to reduce changeover and machine setup?

For example, a soft drink manufacturer wants to change their bottling line from 20 ounce bottles to 2 liter bottles.

  • How many adjustments would be made along the line?
  • How long will downtime be while the adjustments are being made?

The number of adjustments are so great, changing over the machine is not cost feasible.

Customer Challenge 2

Instead of adding a new production line, can we utilize existing pieces of equipment at 100%?

Life expectancy of a machine can be over 20 years and a large investment for most companies.

  • How many redesigns of the existing machine is needed to adapt over its lifecycle?
  • Is the machine underutilized?

Our Solution

ProAdjust allows the changeover from one product to the next in a matter of minutes instead of hours, with a push of a button. The system utilizes a series of electric and air driven power packs to reposition machine components. All of the power packs provide absolute feedback to eliminate the possibility of an adjustment being out of tolerance.
  • Changeovers are fast, accurate, and repeatable.
  • ProAdjust reduces lost production time wasted during machine adjustments.
  • After a single setup with ProAdjust, changeover is done with a push of a button. Production staff doesn’t need to physically attempt changeover going forward reducing the possibility of injury.
  • ProAdjust allows you to make a greater number of changeovers in a single day reducing raw material inventory and finished goods inventory.
  • Easy to integrate, ProAdjust can be bolted on new or existing equipment design as well as retrofitted to nearly any machine