The Schneider Training Center provides our customers the opportunity to train on machinery in a controlled environment away from the distraction of the production floor.

Located at our headquarters in Brewerton, New York, our Training Center allows us to replicate real-world production and troubleshoot applications without slowing or stopping production lines. Through hands-on training, customers can learn technical skills they will be able to use with their Schneider machines and technology.

We feature a variety of machinery in our training center, from a scaled-down robotic palletizing cell to automation software and hardware. We have your needs covered to make your training at Schneider a success.

Training Packages
Robotic Training
  • Introduction to Schneider robotics
  • General FANUC robotics
  • Unit load creation using FANUC PalletPro and/or OptiStak
  • Robot troubleshooting


Customized Formal Training

The Schneider Customized Formal Training package consists of in-depth classroom training, machine documentation review and hands-on training. Each training is customized to cover all aspects your company’s machine and any requirements your personnel have.

Included in your customized training:

  • Factory-trained technician

  • Schneider Training Center can host a small class size to eliminate noise and outside distractions

  • We cannot control the training environment at a customer's facility for on-location training
  • Up to 25 customized training manuals and one digital copy of your personalized training presentation
  • Operator training: 6–8 hours

  • Maintenance training: 8 hours

Operation Training Topics:

  • Safety
  • Machine/system overview
  • Sequence of operations
  • Status indicators
  • Operator control station (OCS)
  • Robot controls, if applicable
  • System start-up
  • Alarm, error recovery procedure

Technical Training Topics:

  • Identify problems and troubleshoot system
  • Perform changeovers
  • Blueprint documentation
  • Manual overview
  • Bill of material/recommended spare parts
  • Periodic maintenance
  • PLC/program
Not all aspects of the training topics may apply to your specific equipment. Prior to your training, a Schneider Service Team member will customize your training to ensure all aspects of your machine are covered. Assessment testing is not included in the development price.


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