OptiStak, created by Schneider, is a seamless and simple palletizing software solution. This software meets the production requirements of virtually any industry or product. Your operators can change patterns on the fly, optimize pallet configurations quickly, and avoid changeover delays—directly from the HMI. Optimize ease of release and time to market for your new products with OptiStak.

  • FANUC-based software
  • Imports offline configurations
  • Save on service trips to change pallet pattern

Build optimal patterns directly from the HMI

  • Create optimal recipes with one click and without a laptop
  • Customize pack patterns easily using the 3-D interface
  • Keep your palletizer in production during changeovers

OptiStak allows users to:

  • Change patterns on the fly
  • Optimize pallet configurations quickly
  • Adapt to changing product
  • Integrate with the FANUC PalletPRO for offline simulation
  • Easily add new products right at the machine

How It Works

  • From the HMI enter the unit dimensions and pallet dimensions.
  • Next, select a specific pattern type: column, interlock, trilock, spiral, brick, diagonal, augmented diagonal, or optimal.
  • OptiStak will automatically choose the best pattern based on the dimensions entered.
  • From here, customize each layer, modify the pattern, and optimize the path and speed.
  • The OptiStak wizard is available to walk you through every stage of the process.
  • Each recipe is then saved, stored, and can be copied for a new recipe—all from the HMI.
Optistak-Pattern-Generation-Screen2_imageOptistak-Pattern-Edit-Screen2_image Optistak-Edit-Layers_image2Optistak-Path-Screen_image2


We chose Schneider because they have an OptiStak software that they use to create the recipes of the layers which is very user-friendly. Our staff likes the way it works, takes a few minutes to make a change, a few hours to make a new recipe.

Emilio Lemus, Automation Manager Tasteful Selections