At Schneider, we know that regularly maintaining equipment is key to its longevity. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed around regularly scheduled maintenance visits. The goal is to provide operational excellence by improving overall equipment effectiveness and minimizing downtime. These visits can be scheduled at any time and are offered with a discount off the current field service rates without the requirement of a contract.

When should you look at Preventative Maintenance?

If you notice a drop to 80% or below in operational efficiency.

If your machine has been operating more than one year without undergoing any internal preventative maintenance.

Why Preventative Maintenance for robots?

Your robot should be maintained on an annual basis at a minimum. When properly maintained, FANUC robots will provide good, reliable and long-term service. Our Service or Upgrade and Conversion Team will advise you on a preventative maintenance schedule that is the best fit for your specific robot per the recommendations from FANUC.

Case Packer Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Visual inspection of all aspects of your machine to identify any prematurely worn parts, potentially failing or worn motors/cylinders and any loose electrical or pneumatic connections.
  • Repair and tune-up as needed to bring your machine production levels back in line with its original capabilities and efficiency.
  • Technician will update any documentation to reflect state of current machine including pneumatic and electrical prints and the bill of materials.
  • Technician will review your spare parts inventory and provide recommendations to further safeguard from future unplanned downtime.
  • Provide training for any operators who need it and brief the operations team on any newly available mechanical and software technologies.

Robotic/Palletizing Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Purge and replace the grease in the robot axis
  • Clean controller exhaust fans
  • Replace robot position data backup battery and the robot controller memory backup battery
  • Physical inspection of end-of-arm tool, checking for premature wear of any moving components or vacuum cups
  • Review of alarm history to identify possible recurring problems
  • Visual inspection of all aspects of the cell to identify any prematurely worn parts, potentially failing or worn motors/cylinders and any loose electrical or pneumatic connections
  • Technician will review safety operations and make recommendations that may be applicable to keep the cell in line with current OSHA standards
  • Technician will perform any operator training that may be necessary


All maintenance functions are done in accordance with FANUC guidelines to ensure maximum operational efficiency. 

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