Understanding VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network technology that makes a protected network interconnection over an open public network. A VPN connection ensures your online privacy and protects your data.

VPN Connection is now available on our world-class Palletizer and Case Packer machines.

How is a VPN Connection helpful on a Schneider Machine?

The VPN Connection allows our service technicians and engineers to connect remotely to your machine. Depending on the location of your Schneider machine, a technician may take a couple of days to reach it. With remote diagnostics, a service call can start in the matter of minutes instead of days. This added option can save you money and increase your production uptime by reducing onsite service calls.

Allow our technicians and engineers to diagnose problems remotely with the VPN Connection. You can achieve faster resolution of your service case from a distance, without the need for a service visit.

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VPN Connection Infographic

Our VPN Connection Includes:

  • IOT Gateway
  • Ethernet or Cellular Option
  • One-Time Fee and 5-Year Extension

Benefits of VPN Connection:

  • Remotely connects to HMI to diagnose
  • Avoid the expense of onsite technician diagnostics
  • Quick diagnosis and resolution, where applicable
  • Secure connection