The Schneider High Speed Gable Top Case Packer offers flexibility and gentle product handling for juice, dairy, and other products packed in gable top cartons. This case packer is easy to operate, provides proven performance and is cost-effective for packing gable top cartons.

You will see your bottom line increase while increasing safety and minimizing product loss with the High Speed Gable Top Case Packer from Schneider.


  • Automatic case erect and load up to 39+ cpm
  • Efficiently packs 64 oz., 59 oz. and 52 oz. as standard
  • Precision product handling gently guides cartons through twisters into horizontal pack pattern
  • Able to pack in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 case configurations
  • Inline, counter-flow, right, and left-hand configurations for maximum machine layout flexibility
  • Stainless steel heavy washdown construction
  • Low product discharge height for ease of case handling

How it Works

Utilizing servos and air cylinders this machine can erect a case blank, collate the product, and seal the case.

Flat, knocked-down case blanks are manually stacked in a powered magazine.

The case packer automatically selects one case at a time, opens and forms it. While the cases are being formed the gable top cartons travel through a set of twisters to the case packer infeed.

The product is then collated and automatically loaded into the case.

The loaded case cycles forward to the next station where the top and bottom flaps are folded and tightly sealed.

Fully loaded and sealed cases are delivered to the customer’s takeaway conveyor.

While the gable top carton travels through the machine, the machinery motions are under the continuous control of a PLC and a user-friendly touch screen displays the machine’s status.


  • Checkweighing
  • X-ray/metal detection
  • Bar code readers
  • Vision fulfillment verification system
  • Case erectors/sealers
  • Shrinkwrap tunnels

Available Machine Options

Conveyor »
Move product or pallets from primary to the secondary line.
Intelligent Illumination »
Visually alerts personnel of machine issues.
ProAdjust »
Automated machine adjustment system for products and cases.
Laner »
Collate product for the next stage in the production line.
Add-a-Pal »
The Add-a-Pal can pick product, insert a slip sheet, and palletize.


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