Utilizing a FANUC robot and a Phoenix stretch wrapper, the Schneider Stack and Wrap is ideal for palletizing unstable product or for consolidating palletizing and stretch wrapping applications in one location.

A wide range of work cell configurations are available to handle single and multiple lines to accommodate your floor space, facility, and ergonomic requirements. End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) options include vacuum, mechanical, fork, or a combination of these with or without pallet hooks and slip sheet handling.

The Schneider Stack and Wrap is ideal for tall unit loads of unstable product. This machine option achieves stability by wrapping the product as the unit load is built.

Stack and Wrap Process

  1. An empty pallet enters the cell from a pallet dispenser.
  2. The pallet is then transferred onto the load station.
  3. Product is transported to the robotic cell by the case infeed conveyor(s).
  4. Once sufficient product and an empty pallet are available, the robot will pick product from the infeed and place it onto the appropriate pallet in the appropriate pallet pattern. Slip sheets are placed as required from the slip sheet magazine.
  5. As the layers are built, the stretch wrapper applies stretch film to stabilize the load.
  6. The robot will then continue to build the unit load.
  7. Once the unit load is completed and fully wrapped, it is discharged.
  8. Another empty pallet has been transferred onto the load station and the robot can continue to palletize. The process repeats.
Another option is Schneider Stack then Wrap for stable product that is discharged after palletizing and then stretched wrapped.
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