Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) diagnostics and troubleshooting is an option available for all new Schneider Packaging Equipment machines and may be retrofitted onto many existing Schneider machines. VPN is an ideal solution for rapid trouble-shooting. The remote service function allows operators to initiate a private connection between their packaging machinery and Schneider’s service support team via Ethernet. The VPN secure connection isolates the machine from the customer’s network eliminating the possibility of security breaches or network crashes.

The integrated design incorporates diagnostics that are able to quickly identify technical problems and make system adjustments via the network including change/back up/storing of programs, new recipes and updates in less time. Once all adjustments have been made, the customer disconnects the machine from the VPN network and the machine is ready to resume operations.

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Schneider technicains are PMMI Certified Trainers. Customized Training

Our expert training staff, certified by PMMI, can provide in-depth on-site or in-house training to meet your needs.  Training is customized to provide the level of expertise required by our customers to reduce downtime, increase safety, and improve their ROI.

Training includes both classroom and “hands on” at the machine. Training materials are developed specifically for your equipment. A hardcopy of the training handbook is provided for each training participant.

Preventive Maintenance Program

The objective of the PM program is to assure reliable operation in your facility. A program of routine equipment inspections, maintenance, and adjustments that will maximize the reliability and efficiency of your equipment. A well-designed preventive maintenance program reduces equipment failures, extends equipment life and improves equipment performance. The Preventative Maintenance Program is available to you at a lower rate than our standard service rates.

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