Schneider Unique Design Features

Schneider equipment is designed for a "darkroom" operation. We want your operators to be utilized to their fullest potential.

Crank handles assist with ergonomic

Easy clean-out of product is designed into
Schneider equipment for the "real world."

Main machine indexing is Servo operated primary moves for gentle handling where required and accuracy of index.

Some standard features include:

  • Robust welded tubular steel construction.
  • Optional stainless steel construction for wash down and sanitary environments.
  • Machinery design incorporates positive control and product captivation to prevent downed, shingled or skewed product
  • Powered positive indexing case magazine (available up to 10’) to ensure consistent pickoff
  • Open and accessible construction design for ease of scheduled maintenance under and within the framework
  • Servo operated primary moves for gentle handling (not all machines have Servo)
  • Repeatable, fast changeovers
  • Minimal or no-tool changeovers (No: …time…talent…tweaking)
  • Touchscreen operation is user-friendly (dual touchscreens standard on most packers)
  • Can handle irregular and out-of-spec corrugated (e.g., skewed manufacturer’s joints and warpage)
  • Illustrated drawings with exploded parts views available
  • Individual guard door reporting (all guarding is Category III compliant)
  • Positive product handling
  • Gentle product conveying, accumulation, and loading
  • Low annual maintenance costs
  • Touchscreen I/O mapping, diagnostics, and tracking
  • CE, CSA, and UL compliant

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