The Schneider Installation and Service Group is a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals driven to provide excellent customer service. We take pride in our customer's success and the trust they have given us. We are committed to total satisfaction and stand behind our packaging products and solutions with acceptance testing and training.

Our field service technicians are highly skilled in all areas including, electrical, mechanical, programming and robotics. Many of our technicians are FANUC cetified service engineers and are certified by PMMI to be professional trainers. Our technicians maintain the highest level of technical skills through continuous vendor training, technical bulletins and in-house seminars.


We may have the part you need in stock or can typically turn it around in a day. Manufactured parts can also be turned quickly! Our ‘RED PRINT’ rush service assures you will get the part you need FAST. Need a part? CONTACT US NOW

Our technicians are there with you during installation, startup, and site acceptance. In most cases, the installation technicians were part of the team that assembled the equipment. This allows for fast installation and acceptance.

Our technicians also train your operators and maintenance personnel in the correct and efficient operation and maintenance. Often this is done during installation and startup. In addition we can provide a formal customized in-depth training package by certified PMMI trainers. See the side bar for more information.

We also offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance program tailored to your equipment and operating conditions to keep your Schneider equipment operating at peak efficiency. See the side bar for more information.

We turn customer comments into “Quality Action Items”, creating solutions for our customers’ packaging needs and innovations in the packaging industry.

We want to hear from you! If you have a question, a problem, or suggestions on how we can serve you better, please let us know. Give us a call at (315)-676-3035, or fax us a note at (315)-676-2875.


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Customized Training

Schneider technicains are PMMI Certified Trainers. Our expert training staff, certified by PMMI, can provide in-depth on-site or in-house training to meet your needs. Training is customized around your machine with your "wants and needs in mind". Our formal training packages are designed to provide the level of expertise required by our customer to reduce downtime, increase safety, and improve their ROI.

Formal training includes both classroom and "hands on" activities at the machine. Training materials are developed specifically for your equipment. A hardcopy of the training handbook is provided for each training participant and a digital copy is provided to the purchasing company.


Preventive Maintenance Program

The objective of the PM program is to assure reliable operation in your facility. A program of routine equipment inspections, maintenance, and adjustments that will maximize the reliability and efficiency of your equipment. A well-designedpreventive maintenance program reduces equipment failures, extends equipment life and improves equipment performance. The Preventative Maintenance Program is available to you at a lower rate than our standard service rates.

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