Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Schneider Installation and Service Corp. will provide our factory trained technician to visit your facility on a conveniently flexible schedule and remain in effect for a period of one year after the first appointment.

Schedule preferred:

___Bi-annual  ___Quarterly  ___Bi-monthly  ___Monthly

If quarterly or higher is selected then in addition to other contract benefits you will receive:

  • A Schneider Installation and Service Corp. preventative maintenance checklist customized to each machine under contract.
  • Program modification for fault data gathering information. (Available on machines equipped with A/B Processors with panelviews only)

    *On machines without A/B processors a specially priced upgrade package is available

Our Technician will work with or without your personnel to evaluate machinery, perform preventative maintenance, provide training and recommend machine enhancements. This program is focused on increasing efficiencies and reducing downtime.

Installations, machine overhauls, rebuilds and other major repairs and emergencies are not covered under this agreement. However, you will receive Priority Service over non-plan holders.

Under this agreement, our technician's time will be billed at a rate of $800.00 per 8-hour day, Monday through Friday, $140 per hour for overtime and Saturday, and $180.00 per hour for Sunday & holiday. Travel and living expenses will be billed at cost.

Date requested for initial service visit:  ____________________________________________________________

A Schneider Installation and Service Corp. representative will be in contact with you to arrange initial date and establish remaining schedule. You will receive a phone call prior to our scheduled trip to confirm.

Contact name:     _________________________________________________________________
Contact phone#:  _________________________________________________________________
Customer will be billed upon service, under PO#: ______________________________________________________________
Machine #(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________
Customer Name: _________________________________ Schneider Installation and Service Corp.
Address: _________________________________ 5370 Guy Young Road
  _________________________________ Brewerton, NY 13029
______________________________________ ______________________________________
Authorized Signature Authorized Signature
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