Preventive Maintenance Program

Evaluate Mechanical, Electrical and Safety Functions
Inspections of equipment to insure that all key areas are set to the recommended settings. All electrical and safety systems are operating correctly. Adjust/repair as needed.

Operator / Mechanical Training
On-site training of operators and mechanics tailored to your equipment.

Perform Preventative Maintenance
Custom tailored to meet the environmental and application requirements of your Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. machinery. Based on date intervals, rather then hours, to insure the proper level of service is provided. Date intervals will maintain scheduled visits. This will provide consistent budget control; maintain parts inventories, training schedules, meetings, action plans, etc.

Perform Repairs And Tune-Ups As Needed
As always, Schneider Service Technicians will address any repairs required, and fine tune equipment, outside of the scheduled maintenance.

Identify Potential Problem Areas (Upstream And Downstream)
It will be the practice of Schneider Service Technicians to always assist the customer with identifying any potential problem areas, which affect the overall efficiencies of the line.

Update Equipment Documentation
When on-site, Schneider Service Technicians will inspect, and maintain all related documentation, in order to provide up-to-date information for parts ordering, and repair. Program listing, prints and bill of materials.

Review Spare Parts Inventory
Work with the customer spare parts store, to insure the required min/max levels are correct, and provide any assistance required to maintain accurate parts, and billing.

Provide Updates On Latest Technologies And Machinery Enhancements
Whenever improvements and new technology is available, Schneider Packaging Equipment will provide information on it’s application and availability, in order to further improve the equipment/line efficiencies.

PM Rates

Sample Agreement


Schneider technicians are skilled in electrical, mechanical, and programming to work on stand-alone machinery, robots and systems. Our technicians maintain the highest level of technical skills through continuous vendor training, technical bulletins and in-house seminars. The service department provides machine installations, start up coverage, training, modifications, audits, preventive/predictive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Technical Support

Troubleshooting inquiries are handled by our skilled Service Technicians with 24-hour access. We can even monitor machine operation and, if necessary, adjust your PLC program via modem!
More then 90% of our troubleshooting calls are solved over the phone. These services can often save you the cost of an unnecessary service trip and eliminate the extra production down time waiting for a service technician to arrive!

If you are interested in contacting our Service Department, please call (315)676-3035,

or e-mail

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