Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc. offers an alternative to the capital budget process and traditional debt financing through Schneider Financial Services.

The Schneider Financial Services Leasing Program has been specifically designed to accommodate the budgetary, tax, and accounting requirements of our customers -- and it features competitive interest rates which are frequently lower than traditional bank financing.

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Joseph Lombardo
Account Executive

You may be able to benefit from important tax and accounting benefits through leasing that lower the net acquisition cost of new equipment.

Operating Leases are attractive because:
  • They improve most financial ratios and measurements of the lessee, which creates a less leveraged position.
  • Traditional bank financing often covers only 80-90% of equipment cost. Operating Leases defer a significant portion of the total equipment cost to the end of the lease term, which makes monthly payments more affordable than conventional loan financing.
  • Leasing also usually avoids the multi-level capital budget approval process and can be funded through and operating budget, capital budget, or a combination of both.
  • Lease payments are fully deductible against income for federal income tax purposes, providing a significant tax benefit.
  • The use of equipment is much more important than a document conveying title -- the use of equipment produces profit, not ownership, resulting in lower acquisition costs.
  • Lease agreements do not contain restrictive covenants that can reduce a company's decision-making autonomy and independence, offering greater flexibility and non-restrictive financing options.

  • All transactions are subject to prior credit approval.
  • Lease pricing is based upon current US Treasury Note interest rates.
  • Lease pricing is fixed for the full term of the lease and is established according to the average Treasury Note yields for the week preceding the week in which the equipment is delivered and accepted by the customer.
  • Deposits and progress payments may be included in lease terms (subject to negotiation).

For most customers, it is likely that leasing will yield meaningful tax and accounting advantages that serve to lower the acquisition cost of Schneider equipment.

For a detailed leasing proposal that specifically addresses your company's financial requirements, please contact us directly, or you may call our leasing department directly at (800) 829-9266.

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