Schneider General Specifications for Case and Tray Packers

Below are general specifications for Schneider case and tray packers. Schneider will accommodate other specification packages as required.

  HCP-10F, HCP-10, HCP-30 Horizontal Series VCP-25 Vertical Series WP-35 Wrap Around Series TP-35 Tray Series
Case type: Top, side, or end load RSC, HSC, FOL, POL, or display cases Top or bottom load RSC or HSC Side or end load RSC, 5-panel, harness style, display, and others Standard or high sided trays
Sealing: Tape heads or hot melt glue Tape heads or hot melt glue Hot melt glue Hot melt glue
Layouts: Opposite hand, inline, counter flow, or perpendicular
Main drive: Servo or intermittent motion index for hot melt glue; top and bottom drive belt for tape seal
Construction: Stainless steel or painted carbon steel
Case/tray magazine: 48" standard (2' increment extensions available up to 10')
Visual display: Two (2) touch screens
Controller: PLC microprocessor
Guarding: Category III polycarbonate interlocked guarding
Power: 230/380/460/575 volt, 3 phase, 50/60 hertz
Electrical: NEMA 4, 4x, or 12
Air: 60-80 psi

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