Case Packers for CDs and DVDs - Schneider's RP Series

The Schneider RP Horizontal Case Packer for CDs and DVDs
The Schneider RP Horizontal Case Packer for CDs and DVDs

The Schneider RP Horizontal Case Packer offers an ideal solution for automated packaging of CD's and DVD's in a variety of case counts and configurations to fit your requirements in a small foot print. Both Regular Slotted Cases (RSCs) or Half-Slotted Cases (HSCs) can be accommodated.

Single-Line Robotic Palletizing Plug-And-Play Portable System with Over-Under Conveyor and Slip Sheets
The Schneider Portable Robotic Palletizer - Robox

Combined with the portable Schneider Robotic Palletizer, the Schneider RP Horizontal Case Packer completes your end of line requirements.

In addition to packing CD's and DVD's, the RP Series case packer can be configured to pack such products as cartons, cheese, and other small pharmaceutical, food, automotive, beverage, and computer-related products.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc. specializes in packaging machinery such as case packers, palletizers, conveyors and other "end-of-line" solutions. Located in Brewerton, NY, Schneider has earned a worldwide reputation for manufacturing superior quality equipment.
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Pack Pattern Example

Below are some examples of pack pattern applications. Schneider will custom configure a machine to meet your unique requirements.

This example shows compact discs being downstacked using stepper collation and then rotating prior to loading.

VHS videocassettes can be upended prior to collation and loading.

Depicted are cartons being downstacked prior to loading.

Bagged product is collated using downstacking prior to loading.

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