Robox Vi


The latest in portable vision-guided robotic solutions for
orienting and packing molded bottles, jars, caps and similar
sized products.

Schneider combines their proven robotic case packing and palletizing system technology with the latest in vision intelligence technology (Vi Technology) in this new Robox product offering. 

The Schneider Robox Vi uses an integrated FANUC robotic arm and a vision system to top load products into a corrugated case.  The system will identify, pick up, and orient random PET bottles or other randomly oriented items moving on a conveyor.  It then arranges the product into a pattern and packs the items directly into corrugate cases.

Optional configurations for the Robox include diverting products (such as blow molded objects) traveling down the conveyor to a quality control area prior to case packing.

The Robox Vi provides fast job changeovers, and packs up to 60 bottles/products per minutes.  With it's plug-and-play technology and small 6' x 8' footprint, the unit is so portable it can be transported by a fork lift to any line

Robox Vi has been displayed at the 2006 NPE show, and at Pack Expo 2006.

Why choose the Robox Vi?

The Robox Vi is easy to use and is ideal for lower volume lines that produce 20 to 60 items per minute.  It is an affordable option that will quickly return its investment in time and labor savings, readily bringing automation to a line that previously relied heavily on manual labor. Robox Vi will address packaging needs in many industries including beverage, food, plastics, paper, pharmaceutical and personal care. The top loading The Robox Vi funs with  or with out plastic bags in the case and with or without inserting layer sheets.

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