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A message from Dick Schneider, Founder & CEO:

Why would anyone buy equipment made by Schneider, a company from a town no one’s heard of?

When the first machines were built and sold this question was hard to answer but I found customers who had trust in my ability to provide good equipment within a reasonable time at a fair price.

SCHNEIDER PACKAGING EQUIPMENT CO., INC. traces its beginning to March 1970 when I was Executive Vice President of a packaging machinery firm. I knew I could improve that firm’s equipment by using my own designs. I remembered my heritage and my grandfather, a “Schneider” (German word for tailor), whose careful cloth cutting and fitting matched suit to man. I wanted that same attention to detail applied to the materials used in manufacturing, carrying on the tradition of “schneidering” packaging machinery to the customer. I wanted to offer lifetime support, just as Grandfather did.

When his customer’s physique changed, he let the suit seams out or in to readjust for the perfect fit. Machinery had to have the same generous design allowing customer changes so commonplace in this industry…especially when machinery lifetime means serving a customer for decades. Grandfather’s tradition for fostering good customer relationships based on trust and service where value is everything would be carried on in this new company.

THE SCHNEIDER COMPANY was formed in April 1970 and SCHNEIDER PACKAGING EQUIPMENT CO., INC. followed in January 1972. Many of our early customers would be familiar to you – some were Fortune 500 companies, others tiny, local firms. They all found SCHNEIDER machines increased production and reduced costs.

We’ve grown over the years, moving three times, then expanding our present facility in 1988 to 32,000 square feet of plant space devoted to machine manufacture and assembly. We have grown several times since then to bring our total facility size to over 87,000 square feet. We have sales offices in several states, Canada and Europe. Our machinery installations stretch across the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.


Why do so many customers continue to choose Schneider?

Because we offer the flexibility our customers demand. Many
original customers still buy equipment from us today, which
proves their confidence was well placed. Over half of our
business is from repeat customers. Although we have grown to
almost 150 employees over the years, customers still get the same personal attention they came to expect when we first opened. We believe in lifetime support for every customer and have given constant support since 1970. (Machinery 30 years old is still in production.) We want our machines to be the best employee you’ve got. That’s good for your business and ours, too.

Founder and CEO

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